Consultores Internacionales, S.C.

Future Scenarios and Foresight Planning develops medium and long term scenarios that allow an accurate decision-making before an extreme situation or environment.

To achieve this, we develop models, measurement and operative management procedures that allow us to visualize the possible consequences of current actions and decisions; that is, this methodology improves the companies' capabilities to domesticate the future

Consultores Internacionales, S.C.®  helps organizations explore, create and test, in a systematic way, the visions of the possible, likely and desirable futures through methods that make companies anticipate threats and opportunities.



  • Prospective
    • Sectorial
    • Great Vision
    • Scenarios Prospective Management System®
    • Map of the Future
    • Emerging Market Trends


  • Foresight planning
  • Medium and long term scenarios
  • Help prevent and anticipate threats and opportunities
  • Prospective management for your business
  • Cutting-edge information
  • Reducing uncertainty